My family and I love to cook! The beginning of a meal begins with something to nibble on while we cook and then of course we need a cutting board to chop up  many of the ingredients that go into a recipe. These glass cutting boards / serving platters are a way for me to incorporate my unique paintings into my daily lifestyle...it gets them off the wall and onto the table!



With the palette knives as my tools and oil paint as my medium, I use layering and scraping techniques to develop textural  & organic paintings that engage the viewer on many levels.  Although no painting suggests a particular place, each one invites the viewer to reflect through the unconfined imagery.  My subject matter ranges from ethereal interpretations of landscapes to the soothing simplicity of abstract minimalism. I love to experiment with loose representational and organic forms, as I recreate an array of nature’s colorways.  Being presented with a blank canvas is most exciting to me because it is then that my palette knife, my hands and my ideas have the fewest restrictions.” 


Victoria Brooks Melly was born in New York City and lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. She was educated in the traditional disciplines of figurative painting and drawing at the prestigious Parson's School of Design. Brooks' passion for art as a tool to demonstrate the magnificence of nature encourages her to spend extensive time in her studio producing expressive oil paintings. Her rare ability to capture nature’s subtle colorations, organic forms and harmonic balance has fueled the popularity of her artwork. Building on a foundation of traditional education from Greenwich Academy and St. Lawrence University, Brooks traveled the world designing and developing an assortment of products for IKL International, Talbots and JCREW.

Her work is featured in many private collections in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.