With the palette knives as my tools and oil paint as my medium, I use layering and scraping techniques to develop textural  & organic paintings that engage the viewer on many levels. 

Although no painting suggests a particular place, each one invites the viewer to reflect through the unconfined imagery.  My subject matter ranges from ethereal interpretations of landscapes to the soothing simplicity of abstract minimalism. I love to experiment with loose representational and organic forms, as I recreate an array of nature’s colorways.

For years I have been looking for a medium that would make my artwork more accessible to those who would like to collect my art.

My unique glass cutting boards & serving trays are a way for me to incorporate my original paintings into our daily lifestyles...it gets them off the wall and onto the table!

Using my large abstract oil paintings as the imagery, I have designed an assortment of cutting boards that can also be used as serving trays. After finishing each of my large abstract oil paintings, I photograph the paintings with my Nikon camera. I then edit the digital image and send it off to the the manufacturer in Rhode Island where it is transposed onto the back of these 12” x 12” serving trays and cutting boards. These trays are unique, chic and best of all….useful! They are great as serving platters, cutting boards, and are decorative way to protect fragile counter tops in bathrooms, bedrooms or other living areas. “TRAY…CHIC!"







My artwork is featured in many private collections in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.