Art for the Table Top


Unique, chic and durable serving trays that double as kitchen cutting boards. Protect precious table tops and counters with original art that is “TRAY- CHIC”!

CUTTING BOARDS on the cutting edge

Enjoy chopping fresh vegetables and herbs while preparing your favorite meals on a beautiful, scratch-free surface. 

They clean up easily and look brand new every time you use it.

This tempered glass surface is so durable and bacteria free.


Your parties will radiate elegance when serving hors d’oeuvres to family and friends. 

With several, original designs from which to chose, select the tray that best compliments your home and entertaining style. 

Serving Tray & Kitchen Cutting Board that also protects precious table & counters

Elevated Tablescapes

Update your tabletop with new placemats that smooth and shiny....just like a modern photograph.

What People are Saying

I’m sending another one of your beautiful trays as a hostess gift! My friend in New York City loved hers!! Can you please gift wrap & send to my friend at her Palm Beach, Florida address - thank you!


My husband just loves the serving tray / cutting board I bought from you a few months ago…he just leaves it by the sink in our bar area and enjoys having it to cut lemons & limes on.

I like that it protects the countertop!


In my tiny apartment, I don't have a lot of room. I love how easy it is to use the tray to chop up all the ingredients for a recipe, quickly rinse off the cutting board and then use it to serve an impressive cheese spread. 


I set the most stylish table for a party using the trays as placemats! The shiny surface glistened in the guests complimented me on how chic it all looked.


What a great gift for a bridal shower or a unique, chic and useful!

Oil Paintings

By Victoria Brooks Melly

With the palette knives as my tools and oil paint as my medium, I use layering and scraping techniques to develop textural  & organic paintings that engage the viewer on many levels.  My subject matter ranges from ethereal interpretations of landscapes to the soothing simplicity of abstract minimalism. I love to experiment with loose representational and organic forms, as I recreate an array of nature’s colorways.  Being presented with a blank canvas is most exciting to me because it is then that my palette knife, my hands and my ideas have the fewest restrictions.” 

​My artwork is featured in many private collections in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.