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Freshen up your kitchen with this #TRAYCHIC cutting board that doubles as a bespoke serving tray!

New Oil Painting

By Victoria Brooks Melly


Oil on Canvas with Silver Leaf

16" x 16" with silver frame



Slice and dice safely using our easy to clean cutting boards featuring original contemporary artwork by Brooks Works Studio.

Our eco-friendly tempered glass cutting boards don't absorb moisture making them ultra hygienic and an ideal surface for kitchens. Each cutting board comes with 4 rubber feet to add grip and protect kitchen counter tops. 

Bring art into your kitchen and enjoy one of life’s practical pleasures!


Our serving trays bring an artful touch to every party! Guests will admire Brooks Works Studio’s signature brushwork and artistic style.

The sleek eco-friendly tempered glass surface is perfect for safely serving any type of food. It cleans up so easily that it looks brand new every time you use it.

Try out the tray that best compliments your home & entertaining style.

#TRAYCHIC - Art for your table top!


For years I have been looking for a medium that would make my artwork more accessible to those who would like to collect my art.

Using my large abstract oil paintings as the imagery, I have designed an assortment of cutting boards that are also artful serving trays.

My unique glass cutting boards & serving trays  gets them off the wall and onto your table.

Enjoy a unique culinary experience!



Customers Share Their Experience

Thank you for delivering the cutting boards so quickly.  I unwrapped “Rippling” (other two are gifts) and am so happy I ordered a board for myself.  Your work is gorgeous! 


My husband just loves the serving tray / cutting board I bought for him as a Christmas present…he just leaves it by the sink in our bar area and enjoys having it to cut lemons & limes on.

I like that it protects the countertop and the image reminds be of so many fun times by the water!

Blue and White Cutting Board by Brooks Works Studio

I just love it! I bought mine 2 years ago and I use it all the time!


I’m sending another one of your beautiful trays as a hostess gift! My friend loved receiving a piece of original art that can be used both as a cutting board and a serving tray. Also, please gift wrap it in your sophisticated silver and white tissue & send to my friend with the note I included on the order page. Thank you! 


I set the most stylish table for a party using the trays as placemats! The shiny surface glistened in the candlelight...my guests complimented me on how chic it all looked. It was a great way to modernize my tabletop using my traditional china & crystal!


In my tiny apartment, I don't have a lot of room. I love how easy it is to use the tray to chop up all the ingredients for a recipe, quickly rinse off the cutting board and then use it to serve an impressive cheese spread. 


I needed something under the flowers and this balances the color so beautifully!


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Slice & Dice